Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers - menu



Makes 7-8 large patties

Bake sweet potato. Peel, place in large mixing bowl. Add drained beans to mixing bowl. Mash beans and potato together.

Mash in seasoning, flour and any additional seasoning. Your mixture will be quite soft and moist. But you should be able to form a patty. Add more flour or a scoop of breadcrumbs - or dry rice to thicken the mixture if needed.

Heat 1 Tbsp safflower oil in a pan over high heat.

Form a patty from mixture and coat in Panko crumbs. Thick coating. Then drop the patty in the pan. Repeat until the pan is filled. Cook until browned on both sides. You could also bake. If baking, use less Panko.

Transfer cooked patties to paper towel. Cool for a few minutes.

Serve on toasted bun with lotsa toppings.